AI and RPA

Thinking Good, Doing Good to the needy Society

CloudSol Business Consultants release this Fact Sheet – A Study on Monitor and Perform Natural Disaster Recovery & Restoration System (DRS) using AI – RPA Technologies. The DRS Process Lifecycle starts from Data Acquisition to DRS Data Distribution Services that comprises of: Field Data Collection, Data Streaming, Data Validation & Check, and Data Distribution are the Critical DRS Lifecycle processes starting from Data Capturing to Data Distribution Services using DRS Data Management System.

DRS Data Management System is receiving data from Field Team members who would be monitoring the live scenario away from 20 to 40 KM radius to capture the Velocity, Time and Locations and streaming the data into Local Server / Data Centre / Cloud Application System. Data Streaming is continuously generated by different sources. Such data should be processed incrementally using Stream Processing techniques without having access to all of the data. It is usually used in the context of big data in which it is generated by multiple sources at high speed.


Using RAPID (Real Time Analysis of Products and Information Dissemination) software acts as a Gateway to Indian Weather Satellite Data providing quick data access to our DRS Data Management System. In Certain area, using appropriate sensors we can capture data as well.


Based on the Data stored in DRS Database, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) system would perform Business Decision Making Support.

The system has the following DRS Data sets and DRS Services:

  • Type of DRS Services
  • Field Service Team Requirements List Warehouse location
  • Logistics and Products & Services Availability Matrix.


The Service Request raised by Field Service Team is the Triggering event for AI module to take the decision to check the requirement availability, Target Audience, Location and Priority Level to communicate to the Distribution Centre and allocate the available Products & Services to deliver to the Target Audience on time. The Decision Making Process is done using AI Module where as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that mimics human actions. In simple terms, RPA is associated with Doing whereas AI is concerned with Thinking.

Collaborative Units

  • Central & State Government Sectors
  • Private Communication Network & Low Range Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • ITIL Help Desk Services & Well Trained Support Team
  • DRS Cloud System Architecture: Design & Development Team
  • International Service & Support Organizations

Core Business Values

  • Delighted Public and Government Authorities
  • Measure and Monitor: Funding, DRS Supply Chain Management and Quality Standards
  • ITIL KEDB & KMDB helps to FineTune the Products and Processes
  • Cost Effective Solutions: Early Risk Identification & Mitigation Processes